Catastrophic spinal cord injuries can be costly to treat

| Mar 16, 2020 | Car Accidents

The injuries suffered in a car accident can fall anywhere on a spectrum of severity. Those who are lucky can escape a wreck with nothing more that some minor cuts and bruises. Others wind up with broken bones and torn ligaments. The worst injuries, though, are those that affect an individual’s brain and spinal cord. The tragic reality is that those who suffer brain and spinal cord injuries often have their lives turned upside-down, which can leave them fearful and struggling to figure out how to move forward.

The medical expenses and rehabilitation costs associated with these types of injuries are devastating. An individual who suffers from incomplete motor function due to a spinal cord injury, for example, can face upwards $1 million in lifetime costs. Those with the most debilitating spinal cord injuries can be hit with more than $4 million in medical and rehabilitative costs.

As if those expenses aren’t crushing enough, spinal cord injury victims also have extensive losses related to their work. They may miss out on their employment, leading to lost wages, and their newly imposed disability may significantly affect their ability to work and earn a wage in the future. These losses, again, can be quite significant.

In addition, those who suffer catastrophic injuries in a car accident often have to contend with extensive physical and emotional pain and suffering. Losing the ability to do the things that an individuals loves, including playing with his or her children and engaging in certain hobbies, in conjunction with an inability to perform daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, and grooming, can destroy a victim’s sense of self-worth. But they shouldn’t let their injuries do that to them.

Instead, they should surround themselves with individuals who support them in all aspects of their life. To hopefully make matters better, a personal injury lawsuit, if successful, could lead to the recovery of compensation to help offset the losses mentioned above.