Distracted driving puts thousands of motorists at risk

| Mar 16, 2020 | Car Accidents

It happens far too often. You’re driving to work or the store and you glance over at the car next to you and see the driver looking down at a cellphone. The sad reality is that texting and driving is extremely common, with an estimated 480,000 motorists using their phones while behind the wheel. While this activity is extremely dangerous, it is not the only type of distracted driving.

In fact, there are a lot of distractions that can take a motorist’s eyes off the road. Tuning the radio, eating, grooming, searching for objects in a glove box or on a floorboard, looking at billboards and attractions, and even interacting with passengers can all disrupt a driver’s attention on the road. In fact, merely glancing at a phone or the radio for five seconds while traveling at 55 miles per hour means that the length of a football field has passed without the driver even seeing it.

In many instances, these distractions lead to devastating car accidents. In fact, 2018 alone saw nearly 3,000 deaths linked to distracted driving, and each year tens of thousands of people are hurt. In the aftermath of these wrecks, victims can face very real struggles to cope with their physical, emotional, and financial losses, which can take quite a toll. These victims often have trouble figuring how to live with their injuries, obtain the treatment they need, and secure financial stability.

This can be scary. But the truth is, those who have been injured by a distracted driver, as well as surviving family members of those wrongfully killed by a distracted driver, have legal options. While they may not want to think about the legal process and the complexities during a time when they are mourning and trying to get their life in the order, a successful personal injury claim may provide the support they need to make their life easier. By working closely with a legal professional, these victims and families can build a case that supports the imposition of liability and the recovery of their damages.