Various personal injury legal protections protect victims of car accidents and other types of accidents from the damages they suffer. One type of legal protection for surviving family members following a fatal accident is a wrongful death claim for damages that can help loved ones with the financial and emotional damages they suffer in the wake of the unexpected loss of a loved one.

When a negligent driver has caused an unexpected fatal car accident, surviving family members may be left facing financial challenges at a time when they are understandably suffering emotionally. The negligent driver may be responsible to help them with their damages. A wrongful death claim can help surviving family members hold the negligent driver accountable and get help with their unexpected financial and emotional damages.

A wrongful death claim is commonly brought on behalf of the estate of the lost loved one for the benefit of family members. Damages available through a wrongful death claim for damages vary based on the characteristics of the victim, and the circumstances they suffered, but can include damages for medical and funeral expenses; lost earnings and lost prospect of inheritance; loss of support and services; and damages for mental anguish and pain and suffering.

A wrongful death claim can be an important protection for family members who find themselves facing, and coping with, the loss of the loved one. As a result, loved ones should understand how a wrongful death claim for damages can help them during a challenging time following the loss.