Just how dangerous is drunk driving?

| Jul 29, 2020 | Car Accidents

It may be a few drinks at a backyard barbecue or happy hour after work that leads a person in the Charleston area to make the irresponsible and dangerous decision to drive drunk. Drunk driving accidents have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries to those struck by the drunk driver. It is important to understand just how impaired a person can be if their blood alcohol concentration is at or above the legal limit.

Impairment at 0.08%

If a person’s BAC is at 0.08%, meaning they have had around four drinks, they may be unable to concentrate and they may have short-term memory loss. They may be more likely to speed. They may also experience a reduction in their ability to process information, such as visual cues or signal detections. Their perception may also be affected.

Impairment at 0.15%

If a person’s BAC is even higher, at 0.15%, meaning they have had around seven drinks, they are an even greater danger on the road.  Their ability to control their vehicle and pay attention to the task of driving will be substantially impaired. Their ability to process necessary visual and auditory information will also be substantially impaired.

Seeking compensation following a drunk driving crash

It is easy to see how having a BAC at or above the legal limit could significantly impact a person’s ability to safely drive. All motorists in South Carolina have a legal duty to drive in a manner that is reasonable under the circumstances, and if this duty is breached — for example, through drunk driving — and the breach causes another person to suffer injuries, the victim may be able to pursue a claim against the drunk driver in civil court. Drunk driving accidents are no joke, and those who are injured due to a drunk driver’s actions deserve to seek compensation.