Fatal motor vehicle accident on I-95

| Oct 13, 2020 | Car Accidents

Our area is growing every year. Unfortunately, with a bustling economy and booming population also comes more traffic as these new people need to get to their new jobs. Of course, with more traffic, also comes more accidents. One such fatal accident happened Thursday morning, and it nearly shut down the highway.

The accident

According to the South Carolina Department of Transportation and South Carolina Highway Patrol, the multi-vehicle accident occurred just before 4:30 a.m. on I-95, near Exit 68, at the intersection of S.C. 61 and I-95. According to reports, the accident involved three vehicles.

Each car was traveling northbound on I-95, when, allegedly, an SUV impacted a Dodge Van. This caused the van to run off the road into a ditch. As a result of the impact, the SUV careened into another lane, where it stopped. The SUV was then hit by an 18-wheeler.

SCHP has not completed their investigation, though. And, anyone who witnessed the accident or has dash-cam video is encouraged to contact SCHP.

The injuries

Unfortunately, the van passengers were not wearing seatbelts, and they were ejected from the vehicle. As a result, they both died on the scene.

The SUV driver did not have any passengers in the vehicle, but the driver was wearing their seatbelt. He was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Charleston, South Carolina, is a beautiful city, and we are all lucky to live here. However, when one is affected by the negligence of others, they have the right to sue for their damages and pain and suffering. But, the key to ensuring a successful personal injury lawsuit is often contacting an attorney as soon as possible.