What qualities in an expert witness can persuade a jury?

| Jan 4, 2021 | Uncategorized

If your personal injury lawsuit goes to trial, you may have the opportunity to call on an expert witness. An expert witness is a person who can explain difficult to understand topics to the court. For instance, when you suffer an injury, medical doctors can pose as expert witnesses.

According to the National Law Review, for an expert witness to persuade the court, credibility and trust have a critical role to play.

Juries must trust the witness

When a jury hears expert testimony, they do not have to believe what he or she says. Jurors can dismiss testimony if they do not trust it. When a witness appears before the court with a patient demeanor, he or she has a better chance of perceived trustworthiness. For a personal injury case, if your medical expert can speak to your condition with the demeanor of a caring teacher, he or she may establish more trust with the jury.

Witnesses must have credibility

Knowledge is the foundation for how you choose an expert witness. An expert witness should have the education and experience to discuss your case. Not only does the witness need to have solid education and experience credentials, but he or she needs to speak clearly and know your case inside and out.

If the witness cannot align the facts with the case, jurors may become confused as to the point of the testimony. When a witness has credibility, the jury’s decision may lean in your favor. Expert witnesses can give testimony and then turn around and assert counterpoints during cross-examination.