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When You Mean Business, Our Law Firm Does, Too

At the heart of every business is a plan to meet the needs of customers or clients while making a profit. Along with concerns about finances, business organization, supplies, goods, services, personnel and location, owners and managers are right to pay attention to legal matters. Challenges and potential rewards await you at every point along the way as you start, operate, expand or shut down a business. Legal issues in any area can make or break a business’s ability to thrive and grow.

When Is It Time To Contact An Attorney?

You know you need a lawyer on your side when you find yourself asking what is legal or illegal, or what is a tried-and-true way to set yourself up for success without legal complications. At Blincow Griffin Law, we offer customized advice informed by years of experience and strong outcomes achieved for other clients. Our business lawyers are knowledgeable, dedicated and focused on our clients’ goals.

Our firm offers no-nonsense advice and assistance that entrepreneurs and established businesses seek while handling:

  • Contracts: Drafting, revising, negotiating and finalizing
  • Business formation: Entity selection, state registration and more
  • Business succession: Planning ahead for future phases of a business
  • Tax matters: Sales tax, employee tax withholding, income tax and more
  • Intellectual property rights: Copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and patents

Please let us know if your area of concern is not listed here, as we have ample experience in all areas of business law. Our clients include businesses of all sizes, including business founders, owners and personnel of all varieties. With experience from a larger law firm as well as proven success in the law practice of Blincow Griffin Law, attorney John Griffin is in demand among lenders, banks and parties in real estate transactions, to name a few. He and all members of our team apply a personalized approach while delivering work one would expect from a big law firm.

Seal The Next Deal With Your T’s Crossed And Your I’s Dotted

Avoid trouble with government bodies, customers and competitors. Create step-by-step plans and carry them out without worries or delays. Schedule a consultation with an understanding, skilled South Carolina business lawyer by calling 843-872-6449or completing our online intake form.