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When Medical Mistakes Cause Harm

It is disheartening, at the very least, as well as potentially devastating in many cases, to seek medical care and suffer an injury or illness due to medical malpractice. When harm has been serious and negligence can be proven, you may have reasons to file a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit.

We Know How The Other Side Operates

Our medical malpractice law firm in Charleston, South Carolina, offers no-obligation preliminary case analyses. We can determine whether your negative outcome was likely caused by a medical mistake and whether you have a viable case. Some of our attorneys have spent decades representing hospitals and doctors on Medical Malpractice issues. This gives us insight into how the medical establishment will approach your case, and the best ways we can prepare to win. We put our experience to work for you in all aspects of your case, from preparation to the final verdict.

You may understand, as we do, that doctors can make honest mistakes. In other cases, a medical provider was clearly negligent through inattention or other factors. A person who was injured can often recover compensation, even in the case of an honest mistake.

We can explain how you can pursue the financial support you need to cover:

  • Additional medical care you may now require
  • Replacement of lost income, if you are unable to work temporarily or permanently
  • Pain and suffering, including loss of enjoyment of life and/or loss of the companionship of a close family member who was harmed

Was It Negligence?

How can you know or how can your lawyer determine whether medical malpractice occurred? An investigation may uncover evidence of one of the factors described below. You or your spouse, child or parent may have suffered harm after a medical professional:

  • Misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose cancer, meningitis, preeclampsia or another serious condition like a heart attack or stroke
  • Committed a surgical error, such as operating on the wrong body part, cutting into a healthy organ or leaving a foreign object like a surgical tool in a patient’s body
  • Administered erroneous and dangerous amounts of anesthesia during an operation
  • Failed to triage a patient’s condition correctly when the person had gone to an emergency room for help
  • Delivered or administered a wrong medication or a wrong dose of medicine
  • Failed to protect a patient from risky dependence on narcotic painkillers
  • Caused the injury of a baby before, during or after delivery through failure to follow accepted protocols in OBGYN care

Take The First Step Toward Resolution

You can still be wondering what to do, and it is still a good time to talk with a lawyer about your situation. Or you may know for sure that something terrible happened, such as surgery on the wrong body part. Either way, we are here to offer compassionate support and skillful analysis. Please contact us by email through this website or by phone at 843-872-6449 to schedule an initial consultation.