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Seeking Justice For Injured Motorcyclists

A motorcycle theoretically has the same rights on the road as any other vehicle. However, in practical terms, bikers typically suffer a greater share of injuries and losses in case of a collision. In particular, motorcyclists do not have the same level of protection that drivers of cars and trucks have. At Blincow Griffin Law, we’ve fought for riders throughout greater Charleston.

  • Insurance requirements are lower than those for drivers of cars, so naturally, many motorcyclists do not have enough insurance to cover the expenses of a major injury.
  • Injuries are often more severe for motorcyclists since they do not have the protection of a seat belt and a steel car body. A human body takes the brunt in a collision.
  • Motorcyclists cannot count on first responders, claims adjusters, judges or juries to consider their losses without bias or prejudice. Many people believe that motorcyclists take risks knowingly and are therefore responsible for their own injuries even when drivers of other vehicles are clearly at fault.
  • Some serious accidents do not involve actual collisions but were clearly caused by a car or truck forcing a motorcycle out of its lane. A hit-and-run style of accident, in such a case, may not have a real “hit” to point to, but injuries may be just as serious as those in a car-motorcycle or truck-motorcycle collision.
  • Compounding these ways in which the odds are stacked against motorcycle riders, other factors such as potholes and car drivers’ texting while driving often put them at risk unfairly.

For all these reasons, vigorous legal representation is critical for an injured biker or surviving family members after a fatality.

Why Local Representation Matters

Many law firms sound eager to take on motorcycle accident cases with serious injuries, including nationwide call centers that link accident survivors to lawyers who may not be local and may lack proven experience.

Clients of Blincow Griffin Law, on the other hand, enjoy the reassurance that comes with advocacy from compassionate, skillful local attorneys with a strong track record. Our large firm experience, coupled with our small law firm-style personalized counsel, makes for a winning formula in many cases. Our clients benefit from ample direct contact with their personal injury lawyers throughout all phases of a case. We regularly hold distracted drivers and other negligent parties responsible for our biker clients’ losses. If that means going to trial, we are always prepared to go before a judge for our clients’ sake.

Personalized Counsel Combined With Big-Firm Professionalism

We are proud of our long list of successful case outcomes on behalf of our neighbors in the Charleston area and beyond. Many have suffered serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. We derive much satisfaction when we see these clients’ courage rewarded through settlements and verdicts that offer them a second chance at life.

Our lawyers are ready to hear about your motorcycle accident or any motor vehicle accident. Call 843-872-6449 or email us to schedule a free initial consultation. Learn how we can help you, starting right away.